We have created a scheme composed of three distinctive elements which reflects and respects its surroundings, informing the overall architectural approach and massing.

Broadway Elevation

Broadway Frontage

Strengthening the high street

The ground floor retail space will retain and strengthen the active street frontage, delivering modern shops with floor-to-ceiling glass facades and entrances.

Above the shops, the new homes will be accommodated in 7 further storeys, with three additional storeys set back from parapet level. The maximum height of this front building is 11 storeys.

The existing facade is neither listed or locally listed, and is in a poor state of repair, with much of the original detailing lost.

A new principal facade fronting onto Broadway will compliment the design of the new neighbouring ’BHS’ scheme.


Broadway Elevation

Broadway retail generation

View from Melbourne Avenue

Central Element

New homes and generour new amenity space

The central element of the scheme comprises a residential spine occupying approximately half the site’s footprint at this point.

An outdoor courtyard will be located at first floor podium level. This space will not only benefit the new residents on the site but also significantly enhance the amenity of the new residents in the adjoining scheme, more than doubling the outdoor space they visually benefit from.

The central element has also been restricted to six storeys, with careful massing and stepping, to protect the views of neighbours.

Singapore Road

Singapore Road regeneration

Singapore Road

New frontage and identity

The transformation of Singapore Road, with new frontages and character described by the Jigsaw buildings, Pershore House and the redevelopment of the former BHS site, is continued and enhanced with the creation of our new housing building.

We believe that our proposals will strengthen the identity of this part of Singapore Road whilst protecting the views of neighbours.

Our proposed homes are set well back from the pavement on Singapore Road. Across Singapore Road, there is a 30m distance to the buildings opposite; and there is a 6m distance from our building to the side of Pershore House. The maximum height fronting onto Singapore Road is 15 storeys.ent the design of the new neighbouring ’BHS’ scheme.

Design opportunities

It is recognised there is a wide range of architectural styles within the area. The architectural approach has been based on traditional forms and detailing to reflect the predominately brick character of the area and the emerging developments.

Rich detailing is proposed to enhance the quality of the environment. There will be an emphasis on vertical detailing to acknowledge the existing facade as well as including other specific references to the existing building in terms of material, scale, proportion and the colour palette.

Balcony Detail

Brick Detail

External Detail

Strip Elevations

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