Scale & Facade

Existing and Proposed Townscape Stepping

This scale diagram shows the proposed frontage onto the Broadway and compares the heights of the new ‘BHS’ scheme, our proposals in the middle and Pershore House to the right.

The overall scale and massing of the scheme has evolved in response to recent housing development to the rear of the site on Singapore Road and to that on Ealing Broadway.

The maximum height of the Broadway frontage is 11 storeys and the maximum height fronting onto Singapore Road is 15 storeys.

The Facade

Rich detailing will acknowledge the existing façade, which, under our proposals, would not be retained. There will be other specific references to the existing building in terms of material, scale, proportion and the colour palette.

We do not believe that a scheme can be realistically designed for the site which would keep the front of the building and be economically viable. There would be far fewer new homes overall, and far less affordable housing.

The building is not listed or locally listed and is in a poor state of repair. The front hasn’t been maintained for some time, with much of the original detailing long lost.

Behind the front, it’s a number of buildings which have been added together over time, with different sizes and floor levels.

Unfortunately, to try to keep the front of the building, align windows and floor levels with a new building behind and provide the required sound proofing from the Broadway and heat insulation would make the scheme unviable.

A new building of the highest design quality providing new homes will provide a significant benefit to West Ealing.

Façade Comparison – Symmetry

The existing façade is strongly symmetrical and repetitive in its pattern, which we have used as a contextual reference when designing the elevation. The mirrored terraces, windows and columns enhance the strong symmetry of the proposed building.

Façade Comparison – Verticality

The existing façade has a clear vertical design which uses detail and constru ction of materials to enhance it. The vertical pillars of the elevation are not interrupted by windows or walls and are the primary feature to the building. Our elevation responds to this with continuing vertical columns and recesses from ground floor upwards.

Façade Comparison – Materiality

In the same way the existing building has employed materials, our design proposes buff neutral colours and defines a split between public and private floors. We will look to enhance the quality and appearance of materials whilst acknowledging the existing building.


The layout has been developed to optimise daylight and sunlight to the homes at all levels whilst ensuring there would be no detrimental impact to the daylight and sunlight of the approved and existing surrounding residential units. Initial daylight and sunlight analysis of the scheme has helped inform the proposal.

The proposed scheme will provide 119 flats:

Studio flats - 16
1 Bed flats - 57
2 Bed flats - 38
3 Bed flats - 8

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Typical Upper Floor Plan

Terraces and Upper Floor Plan

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